Angels by your side


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Turn in need to the angels by your side. They are here with you for your guidance and protection. They offer you love and healing, support and powerful energy to help you through when you fear that you may just crumble. Listen to us now for we speak to you all, now is the time to open your hearts to our gentle words and allow yourself the love that angels power has to offer. No matter what religion or God you may choose to follow you are still connected to the angels who love you dearly and want to help you. Do you not see that we want to help you? Do you not see that you have been trying to manage alone for so long? Why not let us help you? Let the angel presence enter you life! We are opening up today to you so bluntly in order to get our message across to you. Let us help you little one’s. Let us heal you.

All is well dear little children for we are with you.

Heal with us


Fear and love


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Never doubt that you are loved. You are always loved no matter what you may think. Stay safe little one’s by looking to love not fear. For you are your own worst enemies at times. See instead the pure love that is out there by looking into your heart opening up to God and letting go of fear. Fear is not really powerful unless you give it power.

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  • The Healing Angels


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    Become your true self and connect to who you truly are with the healing angels by your side. Come into your connection with your spirit guides and see the miracles start to occur as you open up to the love of angels. Angels are your pathway to healing your emotional blockages and finding your loving mindset once more. Connecting with the angels is a truly wonderful experience that is available to anyone who wishes to be loved by them. Open up to the love that surrounds you.

    Love of God


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    God loves you just as you are. No matter what you may think of yourself you are absolutely perfect in every way shape and form. Trust in your divine self for you are shaped in Gods perfect image. You can never be anything but Godly. For you are God’s loving personal tribute to himself. All is well. Be Godly. You are safe. I am with you sweet little child of mine who is so afraid to be herself and who sees herself as ugly, for she does not yet know the true power of herself.

    God is your love


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    God is with you little one’s. You are protected and safe no matter what you may fear of the world or yourself. God has your back and he is willing to let go of your self conceived notions of fear if you are. Hold your love openly up to God to know him in, in ways that you have never before thought possible. Trust in your decision to love yourself more dearly than before and cast aside doubt for you are held my dear sweet child. You are held. I am your saviour in times of trial. I am your father, the God of all men. I am your heavenly father. We are your loving angels who circle you with extra love and protection when you ask for us. Go with God into your loving life. Love is your truest path. God is your answer to all of your questions. Seek out the love of God. I am here for you child.

    Your loving angel guides


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    God loves you divinely and proudly dear little children. You are his wonderful beings of light here on earth, brought down to show others the beauty of being one with yourself. Look into your eyes knowing that you were brought here for a reason that defy’s common sense and cannot be put onto consequential sentences to explain to others around you who may yet doubt your brilliance. Breathe in your pure essence that is true to you and reunite with God in the kingdom of heaven to show your true brilliance to your fellow light beings. God is with you always don’t you know. We are with you, your loving angel guides, the healing angels. All is well. Go in peace.

    You Need This!


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    You know how disconnected you feel when you just don’t have the connection you need?

    I’ve been there! I hear you. I know that feeling of disconnection and the need to create something a connection to transform my life.

    That is why, with the help of the angels I have created the Plaedian Healing Groups.

    Gentle group healings you can take part in to start to transform YOUR life from the minute you take part.

    Take ownership over your own life and start to become your best possible self today!

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    The Law Of Attraction


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    The Three Step Process with Law of Attraction on Blackboard

    Close your eyes and imagine your life as if you had the very thing you want most right now. Visualise this in your life. Hold close this image everyday and feel the emotions you might feel of having this in your life and say ” I AM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL NOW THAT I ………….” and insert your desire in here. Recite this affirmation everyday. Focus your attention and open your subconscious to this new thought. It has to accept this. It opens up to what you provide it with. This is the power you hold. Go forth dear one’s and create your soul’s desire.

    Your intuition


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    Tune in to what is your truth around your convictions and beliefs. It can be very hard to know what it is that you are truly, soulfully passionate about when you have many others telling you their own ideas and purpose’s for you in life. You have to remain solid and speak from the heat to show yourself that you are in line with soul purpose and hearing your intuition speak loudly to you no matter what. Always come back to your heart. For it knows you honestly. It cuts through the bullshit to have an honest conversation with you and it can heal whatever stands in the way of this roadblock to your success. Start listening to your heart for it knows the true you. Your passions in life indicate your direction. Choose intuition for it will show you the pathway to your love and abundance.

    Free Healing


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    All you need is your angels by your side to guide you and to help you to grow in love. Perhaps you are seeking a truer connection to yourself and the healing angels that you know are in your life but are not sure how to ask.

    We are offering you Plaedian Healing for free if you sign up in the next 24 hours.

    If you sign up you will receive TWO FREE sessions of Group distance healing which takes place on Sunday nights at 6pm.

    Experience the angels energy with all that they have to offer you now!

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