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Love is the very capacity to forgive those who filled us with terror as children. Filled us with anger or hate. We were subconscious to love as we were subconscious to hate. This message is about love as it calls out to be heard from within the people who fear life the most, who dread what ails them and who hate what they cannot yet name. God knows the shame for it was he who created the very love that opposes this shame. God loves you very directly in all manner of words and love is not just word but also feeling. The love we all seek to find is not always found by outer endeavours but through introspection. Through the very heart-felt seeking of the pain held fraught within our hearts, our minds. God wants you to be clear with him for love is the very defining thing that will shatter your fear. It will hold your heart sound. There is comfort in God as he is your peacemaker.