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Plaedian love is the most powerful love there is that God has provided to you through this forum guided to you via these guided messages. We love through honesty we value authenticity and we are the plaedian angels that love with true God power and we love you with truth and all that we are. Love is the healer within you all. You suffer still because you define your lives by what you own, by love that you think is measurable. This love is Godless by nature and we can take you higher in your thinking. Plaedian love feels harsh when you take it to your heart for it helps you to release your wounds and this feels rough. Plaedian love feels that way for love needs a powerful clearing over the past sometimes as we need to access the ways in which you have wanted to keep the pain away. We ask that you look to Plaedian love to reach the parts of you that you do not want released. We will release the love to help you heal.