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We plaedian beings are love. We are your angels who create change inside of the love that you are opening up to. This love is bringing you depth of change that is capable of clearing pathways and will take your darkness away to fill up the space with love. Love to fill the void with over fear over pain over anger. We adore you sweet little children and love will find you dear sweet little awesome children of love. Do not fear our voice though it may seem unusual for it is just the way we speak to you as different as it seems. We are angels and angels are not as you perceive little one’s. We are love and we are darkness as well, we are fear at times because this is what you need to see. We must always show you love, this form of love may be not what you may humanly think. Searching for love as you think it should be is wasting your energy, have faith we are with you loving you as we must.