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Plaedian love is real, it is focussed and it is raw in its feeling. The way that plaedian love heals is that it opens up your fear, it opens you up to what it is that you need to see inside. Plaedian love is very unusual in its feeling. It opens you up and it brings love to the parts of you that are shut down and that are so afraid. It requires courage. Plaedian love feels strange. Plaedian love feels so safe though because it will hold you completely regardless of the energy it unleashes or pushes out. Plaedian love is so real that it must be felt. You are here on this earth now to experience this type of healing, to manifest more healing and create the life that you want to live. Plaedian love will help you to focus your attention on the powerful whole and loving person inside of you that opens up when you let yourself be healed.