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There is trust in building a relationship with your guides as they relate information to you in the best possible manner for you to understand. They will tell it to you straight as they know you so well that any information will come to you in ways that will get you either hopping mad or laughing hard, or crying so much that you will be left wondering what happened to you, this is the angel way. Plaedian’s are very high level in their energetic opening up of your painful wounds and this will cause you to react, trust me I have been there, and I still go there. It is like a crazy rollercoaster of highs and lows mixed with an alarming awareness that this is the best thing to grace my life. Love is not always what you think it is. Love is heavy at times and leaves you wanting to drown yourself along with your pain. Love is opening you up to pain. This will give you life. Before you do this you are not living, you are just moving through your world. Some part of you knows this, and you are aware already, that is why you are reading this right now. You know that you are ready to move through the blockages and to change your being. This is God’s work and this is what we are guiding you through.