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Love is simply opening up to the many wonderful angels that seek to work with you. For you call out to God each and every minute of the day highlighting the pain of your lives. Perhaps you truly do not see the wonderful love surrounding you and are yet to view yourself as we do, the healing angels of humanity. We are your loving guiding angels. We love you pale little one’s. You who cry out to God. You loving little people who know love in limited forms. Trust your instincts that lead you to places such as this. Know your power. This is love. Love is your power.

Note from Sally- If the words seem strange it is because I channel directly from the angels. My angels call me little one and pale little one or Plaedian, so it is not strange to me anymore. I channel a variety of angels and groups of angels, often bringing through the voice/s of the angels of humanity, Jesus, Mother Mary, Ashkara (my Plaedian guide), God and many others. It is an energy or vibration that I hear and feel and channel. Angels are not what you might expect them to be, and as you start to work with angels more closely and let them into your lives more you will see exactly what I am talking about!