Plaedian Group Healings

I’m offering new Plaedian group healings that will be starting this Sunday 13th November 2016.

Healings are done via distance and can be done to anyone, anywhere in the world. You do not need to be doing anything in particular to receive the healing, just be open to receive Plaedian love.

The healing group is designed to open you up to Plaedian love and to introduce you to the type of energy that Plaedian love is all about It is like nothing you have ever encountered before. Trust in yourself if you feel guided to open up to this new experience. All is well.

With purchase of the healing group membership you will also receive a free E-Book which is designed to be read along each week you take part in the healings. These channelled messages are filled with loving guidance, wisdom and truths designed to help you open up to the loving, capable soul that you are.

Join in here!

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