Perhaps you doubt the existence of angels, or perhaps you believe in them but find it hard to open up, or to trust. If this sounds like you then lean in to this message, and find comfort in its love.

You will find that angels communicate via different means for different people. You may hear them directly in your ear or you may “feel” their presence and just know that they are with you. Opening up to the angels can take time and patience. You may have certain ideas of what you may think your communication should look like and you are likely to be disappointed. Trust in whatever message you get, whatever nudge you feel.

Intuition is God speaking to you via your intuitive faculties. Prayer is like a conversation and intuition is like God speaking to you. It can be hard to fathom that God might talk to you directly or open you up to channel as I do. Channelling is another way the angels get their messages across and guide you, share their messages and open up what needs to be opened up.

God has love for you no matter what you feel about yourself and you do not need to think yourself worthy to be able to channel the words of angels and God himself.

Spirit is with you no matter what and the promise that they will give you if you ask to be taught the ways of what they can teach you about life is phenomenal.