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Gearing up for Christmas can be overwhelming for sensitive individuals. You have the parties, the family gatherings and the over-abundance of super rich food and alcohol.

Some people feel pulled in many different directions and find it hard to stay grounded and “sane” during this time. Anxiety can set in and you tend to pick up on others feelings of stress and overwhelm of the season too. When you are sensitive to others energy you find yourself very intuitive and easily influenced. Boundaries are something that you might have trouble holding onto and also finding you core message of life is harder when you are empathic.

Trusting in you skills of self-navigation and developing a sound self-belief and knowledge is vital to opening up to your sensitive self and finding out about who you are underneath the other stuff you perceive so readily.

This Christmas take the time to notice your surroundings and feel the ground beneath your feet, reminding yourself that you are grounded and held. God is loving you most deeply. Trust in your life and remember that you are truly amazing.