New Year, New You!


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How do you want to feel in this coming year? Is there something that you want to achieve or change about yourself or your life? Perhaps you don’t actually know where to start in order to make the changes that you want to make. And maybe you are not sure what it is holding you back.

Do you feel anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, unmotivated or fearful? Do you want to feel more in tune with yourself, your intuition and your connection to your life’s goal’s? Perhaps you are struggling financially and want to feel empowered with your financial goals and earn more money.

However you want to heal your life you can. You are absolutely capable of opening up to the power within you to grow and to heal. Opening up to the angels takes a bit of courage and trust. It is without doubt the best way to start your new journey into you taking control of your life and opening up your connection to who you truly are.

Start right now to feel the healing loving guidance of the angels opening you up via this blog site. The love that comes through is powerful indeed. Trust in yourself that you know what you need and that you can heal. All is well my dear children, we are always by your side.

To start your healing journey with the angels more deeply look here


We are right by your side


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We are right by your side as you manoeuvre you way through your life feeling the past emotions bubble up through your body and spill out finally releasing. To feel the past can be overwhelming but conducive to healing. We honour your pain little one and we see your strength as you strive to better your living circumstances for we are with you now. Sit and feel your feelings as we openly applaud you for your courage and all that you bring to this world. Forgive yourself for perceived “badness” instead rejoicing and seeing the outpouring of love from your heart and soul.

Stop comparing yourself!


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All that you are is simply amazing. You might not think that of course, but you are quite magical. Who you are is essential to life. There is not one other person like you in existence. This makes you pretty wonderful.

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. This makes you see yourself in such a harsh light. For you can never fill the status quo. You were not meant to fill the same shoes as those other souls who chose to be open only to what they think is the truth of themselves.

You are powerful in life. You open yourself up to God’s love and you love yourself. Love yourself so deeply that it opens pathways for you to grow and evolve just as your soul planned it.

Trust in your life right now.

Empathic over Christmas


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Gearing up for Christmas can be overwhelming for sensitive individuals. You have the parties, the family gatherings and the over-abundance of super rich food and alcohol.

Some people feel pulled in many different directions and find it hard to stay grounded and “sane” during this time. Anxiety can set in and you tend to pick up on others feelings of stress and overwhelm of the season too. When you are sensitive to others energy you find yourself very intuitive and easily influenced. Boundaries are something that you might have trouble holding onto and also finding you core message of life is harder when you are empathic.

Trusting in you skills of self-navigation and developing a sound self-belief and knowledge is vital to opening up to your sensitive self and finding out about who you are underneath the other stuff you perceive so readily.

This Christmas take the time to notice your surroundings and feel the ground beneath your feet, reminding yourself that you are grounded and held. God is loving you most deeply. Trust in your life and remember that you are truly amazing.


Angels communication

Perhaps you doubt the existence of angels, or perhaps you believe in them but find it hard to open up, or to trust. If this sounds like you then lean in to this message, and find comfort in its love.

You will find that angels communicate via different means for different people. You may hear them directly in your ear or you may “feel” their presence and just know that they are with you. Opening up to the angels can take time and patience. You may have certain ideas of what you may think your communication should look like and you are likely to be disappointed. Trust in whatever message you get, whatever nudge you feel.

Intuition is God speaking to you via your intuitive faculties. Prayer is like a conversation and intuition is like God speaking to you. It can be hard to fathom that God might talk to you directly or open you up to channel as I do. Channelling is another way the angels get their messages across and guide you, share their messages and open up what needs to be opened up.

God has love for you no matter what you feel about yourself and you do not need to think yourself worthy to be able to channel the words of angels and God himself.

Spirit is with you no matter what and the promise that they will give you if you ask to be taught the ways of what they can teach you about life is phenomenal.


Choosing to heal


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Be brave dear one’s. You must be brave in this time of evolution and deep commitment to changing who you are. Entering into the healing process is not the easiest choice to begin with and holding on to yourself during such a rollercoaster time is even harder. You will fall and you will triumph, but above all you will grow. Congratulations on your choice to enter into this heavenly challenge in your life.

For boost’s to you healing journey check out the Healing page here¬†

I love you


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Deep within you lies a wisdom that only you can tap into. When you honour yourself and open up to the amazing person that you are you become connected the wisdom.

When you ask to be shown the pathway to God you can expect your life to grow exponentially. Life will open up for you if you take the steps that you are guided to take.

We are the healing angels of God and you are here because you seek to evolve into a higher place than ever before. Start opening yourself up to your great and loving self to know the love that is already within you. All you are is love. Go within to find the knowing that you seek to find. We are the love of God and we bring to you our healing.

God’s divine plan


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God loves you regardless of whether you are willing to look inside of yourself and see all of the loving, compassionate, healing energy that you carry. You are created with incredible love and Godly manner that you are open to know yourself at this time. You are God’s only one created exactly like you. You can never be replaced. You are required to honour yourself and open up to the force within you that knows your great love already.

Power of yours


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Deep within you there lies a reservoir of power. A literal infinite supply of God’s energetic wisdom and connection to you. You have the fullest potential to connect to this at any time of the day and bring through the amazing capacity to influence not only your life but others around you. You have the ability to catapult yourself to financial freedom with the thoughts that you produce. Your thoughts produce your very actions that take you to emotional freedom or to misery. You are the ticket holder to your destiny. It is this simple. Go into his message and see the beauty of it for it is intrinsic to your purpose here on earth dear sweet children and we ask that you follow your intuition to know God more. All is well.

Healing Groups


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There is still time to sign up for the Sunday night Healing Groups!!!

Focussed on taking away fears and doubts and creating small shifts in you energetic vibration to create the bigger changes you want in life.

These groups are for anyone who wants to create change in their financial abundance, relationships and the vibration they put out into the world.

Available to anyone, anywhere in the world with energetic healing conducted by The Healing Angels you will also receive The Healing E-mails E-book with purchase of healing.

Check out the Healings page for more info: