Healing Groups

The Healing Groups are focussed on taking away your fears and doubts and increasing the vibration of your life by moving these doubts and fears in small ways.

This in turn creates shifts in your thinking far greater than you may realise.

The vibration that most people put out IS doubt. However, to shift that in the smallest of ways allows the inner light to shine through….meaning realisations, limitations lifting, intuition speaking more loudly and decisions being made more clearly.

More importantly this all changes the vibration you are sending out into the world bit by bit. This is why the Angels do the healing over a longer period of time. Each small shift makes intuition louder and circumstances better.

Note that it is often in hindsight that people recognise these shifts within themselves. It is important to note that you may not see immediate change, but rather subtle, and over time it will make a impact.

The healing work itself will be done by The Healing Angels at 6pm Sunday nights Sydney/Melbourne time. It is done via distance healing and is available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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